7 Best Crystals for Pisces – How to Activate Them

The best crystals for Pisces are the ones that resonate with you. It is important to choose a crystal based on how it makes you feel, what its properties are (i.e., healing, protection), and what color resonates with your energy field and personality type.

Below I have compiled a list of some of the most popular crystals used by those born under this sign:

Black onyx

Black onyx is an excellent grounding and protection stone. It absorbs negativity, releases unpleasant emotions (such as anger), and can help with sleep disorders by calming the mind.

A pendant of black onyx combined with a small piece of clear quartz in your Pisces area will provide you with some powerful healing properties to work through emotional blocks.

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Ametrine is a powerful Pisces stone because it combines the energies of both amethyst and citrine, making this an excellent crystal to use for meditation. Ametrine can also help bring clarity in times when you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about your life path.

The pendant will work to bring in positive energies that can help you get a clearer perspective on your situation.

Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye is a Pisces stone that enhances psychic abilities, helping you to see what may be going on outside of your own reality. It also can help with money issues and helps attract positive energy into your life as well.

A pendant made from a tiger’s eye combined with black tourmaline will provide you with the power to bring in a new positive reality and overcome any obstacles that may be holding you back.


Aquamarine is a Pisces stone that has the power to heal and restore. It can help ease depression or sadness, calm your nerves when you are feeling anxious, and encourage self-confidence in those who wear it. if you wear it as a pendant it will work wonders if you want to release any fear of failure from your life as well.

The pendant will bring the power of healing and restoration into your life, allowing you to heal from any emotional wound that is holding you back

Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz is a Pisces stone that brings balance to your life. It can help you feel centered and grounded, which will make you more confident in all areas of your life. N pendant will work by acting as an emotional stabilizer when things are getting chaotic around you, helping you release any fear or worry from not being in control of a situation.

Blue lace agate

If you are looking for a Pisces stone to help with emotional healing, then blue lace agate is the one that you should choose.

It will work by helping clear negative patterns and thoughts from your life as well as any blockages in your chakras or meridians.


Amethyst is a Pisces stone that can be used for meditation as well. It will help calm the mind, release fear and anxiety from your life, and encourage creativity at work or home.

A pendant of amethyst combined with clear quartz in your Pisces area will provide you with some powerful healing properties to work through emotional blocks.

The pendant will work to bring in positive energies that can help you get a clearer perspective on your situation.

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How to activate crystals for Pisces?

If you want to use your crystals, they need to be activated. The first step is to cleanse them; followed by activating them.

Activating crystals with salt and water is an easy way to use these items. Simply take a cup of water and add salt to it until it’s a little bit salty. Pour the water then place your crystals in there for 30 minutes (longer if you like).

Think about what you want to accomplish with your crystals- healing, grounding, protection from negativity. You will want to choose a crystal that corresponds with what you are after and then cleanse it before activating the pendants.

Crystals for Pisces

How to cleanse crystals for Pisces

Cleaning crystals is an essential step. It helps to remove any negative energy or feelings that can disrupt your intention for the crystal.

-step one: fill a bowl with water and add salt, sea salt, fresh lemon juice, or even alcohol like vodka (this option should be used sparingly). Hold each crystal in the mixture while visualizing the crystal releasing any negative energy.

-step two: you can leave them in a bowl of water with salt for 24 hours, or rinse and dry them off completely after holding each one under running water (make sure to keep your fingers wet).

-After they are clean, place all crystals in a pouch of your own to keep them clean and organized.

-Cleanse crystals often for best results!

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When to cleanse your crystals?

When you bought your crystals and /or stones

When your feel like it is necessary.

If you have been around a lot of negative energy (someone was just angry, you were in a crowd where there was violence or conflict) it’s best to cleanse your pendant right away.

When you feel like they are losing their energy or you are not getting the results that you want.

whenever your crystal is feeling cloudy and needs some restoring power.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post, and are ready to take some action! The crystals for Pisces can help you feel calmer and grounded in your daily life. You should cleanse the crystal regularly with water or saltwater to get rid of any negative energy that may be lingering on it. Spend time each day connecting with the crystal by touching them gently or placing them under pillows at night so they have a chance to work their magic as we sleep.

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