The Best Crystals for Taurus: Pulling Your Bull By The Horns

Taurus is a sign with the earth element, and crystals for Taurus should be rich in this quality. The best crystals for Taurus are those that help them to ground themselves and bring their energy back into balance. These crystals will also give them the strength to deal with whatever life throws at them, so they can continue living peacefully. In this blog post, we’ll cover what crystals are right for Taurus, how they work, and which ones you should have in your collection!

Best crystals for Tauruses


Variscite is a stone that’s good for Taurus because it helps them to transform their energy into the positive. It also gives them balance and grounding, so they can remain strong in tough times. You can also use it to meditate and help remove negative thoughts, appeasing the restless mind with peace and calmness


The Best Crystals for Taurus: Pulling Your Bull By The Horns 1
The Best Crystals for Taurus: Pulling Your Bull By The Horns 2

Rhodonite is a rescue stone that will be able to help Taurus deal with any kind of issue. It helps them get more in tune with their intuition, which can guide them through the dark times. You can use rhodonite for meditation and journaling because it has uncluttered energy that’s perfect for a peaceful mind.


The Best Crystals for Taurus: Pulling Your Bull By The Horns 3

Jade is a stone that will help Taurus with the quality of love. It’s associated with peace, balance, and growth in life. Jade can be used for meditation to bring about feelings of stability, harmony, and inner wisdom.

Lapis lazuli

This crystal is a stone of truth, and it will help Taurus to be more open in their communication. It can also do wonders for relationships because it helps them express themselves while still being kind. Lapis lazuli has the power to remove blocks that have been keeping one from achieving success by providing clarity on what needs to happen next!

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Selenite is known as a stone of enlightenment and divinity, which will help Taurus understand their purpose in life. It’s very good for meditation because it soothes the mind and helps you to clear your thoughts. Selenite also has properties that keep negativity away!


If you’re looking for a crystal that’s more on the feminine side, then malachite might be just what you need! It will help Taurus to see their true power and show them how to use it. Malachite is also good for creativity because it helps one tap into their inner genius so they can get back on track with whatever project they’re working on

Blue kyanite

Kyanite is a stone that’s perfect for Taurus because it helps them to become more mindful and aware of their thoughts. Kyanite has properties that help with lucid dreaming, so you can use it when going to sleep! It will also increase intuition which will allow one to make better decisions in life. If you’re trying to come up with a new idea, kyanite will help you to find it quickly and easily!


If you’re working on your communication skills, then the carnelian is a good one for Taurus. This stone will help them to relax and be more open with those around them so they can create better relationships.


This is another crystal that will help Taurus with their communication. Olivine is a stone of peace and tranquility, so it’s very easy to use for meditation. It can also promote mental clarity which is perfect for those who need guidance in life


Rhodonite is a rescue stone that will be able to help Taurus deal with any kind of issue. It helps them get more in tune with their intuition, which can guide them through the dark times. You can use rhodonite for meditation and journaling because it has uncluttered energy that’s perfect for a peaceful mind

Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate is a stone that will help Taurus to get in touch with their creativity. It can also bring about feelings of contentment and happiness, which are perfect for when one needs perspective on life

Rose quartz

This crystal is perfect for Taurus because it will help them to heal from their past. It’s also good for beauty, helping one feel better about themselves and the world around them. Rose quartz has properties that are calming as well which can be very helpful!

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How to activate them

Be sure to cleanse your crystals before you use them – especially if they’ve been previously used for other purposes. To boost your connection with a crystal, first, you need to identify the one that will most benefit you.

Once you’ve found your perfect stone, hold it in front of yourself and get a feel for its energies. Holding a crystal provides an exchange of power and bond with the crystal. After attuning your crystal to its desired chakra, it’s important to set a goal for it. In this way, the crystal works toward achieving the ambition you have in mind.

Meditate with the crystal to focus on your intention. It is likely that the crystal will soak up all of your thoughts or intentions through meditation, but if you speak them aloud you can make sure they are clear and concise for a better outcome.

The crystal will need to be cleaned again before it is “placed” in your desired location. You can wear a Taurus stone as jewelry, carry crystals around with you, or set them up at home.

Once completed, the crystal can be placed wherever you want.

Best Crystals for Taurus

How to cleanse them

There are lots of ways to cleanse crystals. Regardless of your preferred method, the type and quality of crystals should be considered before cleaning them.


Crystals have the natural properties of shielding negativity. Luckily, cleansing crystals in the company of both the Sun and Moon is a relatively easy task as light by either will work wonders.

There are a few steps to cleansing your crystal. Leave it in natural light for 24 hours or until cleansed, then wipe with a dry cloth and place on an object or smooth surface.

This is a generally sound technique for most varieties of crystals, but be aware that some might not tolerate exposure to sunlight. For example, Amethyst should not stand in direct sunlight


In order to cleanse your crystals, place them in a saltwater bath or rinse them with water. Avoid doing this for brittle and soft stones.


Earth is one of the best cleansing methods for Taurus. Often, after a crystal receives cleansing efforts, it will then absorb that energy and become more powerful in turn.

Place the crystal in soil outside or within a pot. After 24 hours, check to see if it has been cleansed.

Other methods

Other cleaning methods include:

  • Using brown rice to soak up negative energy.
  • Visualization.
  • Using the smoke from a sage stick to cleanse the crystals.

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The importance of choosing the right crystal for your needs

By choosing the right crystals you can improve your mood and your wellbeing. It’s important to choose the right crystal for your needs by looking at what you want and need.

For example, if you’re feeling down or like your energy is low, then a good stone might be one that has properties of grounding- this way it will help bring up any negative energy from within yourself.

How to use your crystals for the best results

It’s important to choose the right crystal for your purposes. Once you’ve chosen a stone, make sure it has been cleansed of any negative energy by using one of these methods: light cleansing with sunlight or natural lighting, water or earth cleansing.

After choosing the right method and starting the process, do not forget to set an intention- this will give the crystal a job and ensure it is working toward your goal.

Place the stone in its desired location, such as within jewelry or by decorating with them around the home. You can also carry crystals for Taurus to have with you on the go!

Crystals are powerful tools that should be used responsibly; if you are new to using crystals, make sure to only use one stone at a time.

What stone should Taurus avoid?

The stone that Taurus should avoid is hematite. Hematite has a negative effect on this zodiac sign because it makes them feel restless and anxious, which will just make matters worse!

The Best Crystals for Taurus: Pulling Your Bull By The Horns 4

What gem should a Taurus wear?

If there is one we would recommend it’s Emerald. Emerald has the power to bring prosperity and luck to Taurus.

Is Tiger’s Eye good for Taurus?

Tiger’s eye is good for Taurus because tiger’s eye gemstones stimulate Taurus people’s inner security and strengthen their willpower. Tiger’s Eye crystals are known for enhancing determination during a time of change, boosting leadership skills, improving focus, and fostering understanding.

Which hand should you wear your Tiger Eye bracelet?

You should wear it on the side you prefer, be it left or right. being comfortable is important, especially if you are not used to wearing a bracelet.

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Conclusion paragraph: If you’re a Taurus, we hope this article has helped to make your life easier. We’ve given you the best crystals for healing and protection as well as some helpful tips on how to activate them or cleanse them when needed so that they can work more effectively in your day-to-day life. Have fun with these empowering stones!

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