What is a Chakra Bracelet? Do they work?

What is a chakra bracelet?

Millions of people around the world are searching for new ways of looking after their physical and spiritual health. Some of these alternative methods involve the use of gemstones and crystals, often combining their energy and beauty in the form of jewelry, as seen in chakra bracelets.

In a nutshell, a Chakra bracelet is made up of seven beads all in different colors. It is meant to help balance your seven energy centers. Each color represent one of the chakras

The Chakra part

Yogic tradition says that the body contains seven wheels that are continually turning to keep the flow of energy running from the base of the spine to the top of the head, referred to as the ‘crown’. These wheels are known as chakras, each one governing some of the major organs or parts of the body close to where they reside.

When our bodies experience ailments, this is believed to be connected with problems within the chakras. This can be caused by a range of different things; stress, trauma, a poor diet, lack of exercise, negative thinking, and so on.

The chakras begin to spin too fast or too slowly, or become blocked. The life-force energy flowing through the body becomes interrupted and out of balance, which manifests itself in physical ways. Methods like Reiki unblock the chakras and allow the energy to flow, bringing balance and healing to the body, mind, and spirit.

Each chakra is associated with a color, and chakra energy healing bracelets use gemstone beads that correspond to these colors. The unique qualities of each gemstone and crystal are believed to absorb any negative energies, keeping the chakras open and allowing energy to flow freely.

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The actual stones used in the bracelet may vary, but the colors will generally be the same. Some people choose to wear bracelets with all seven colors represented, while others select a bracelet with one specific gem or crystal that targets a particular chakra. Any beads that are not connected to the chakras are usually made from black lava stone.

Do CHakra bracelets really work?

Without a doubt, reiki bracelets do work in some capacity. The question is: does it work for you?

This is a question that many people are asking. The answer to this question will depend on the individual person. What works for one person may not work for another, and vice versa.

There are many different types of reiki bracelets. If you have never tried them before, it might be worth trying out a few different types before you decide if they work for you or not.

The first thing that is important to remember about reiki bracelets is that the power lies within yourself, and other people might have a totally different experience than your own. Just because it didn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

It is also important to remember that reiki bracelets are not a cure-all, and they cannot fix every situation or problem in your life immediately. They both have the power to start healing some things quicker than before. However, you will eventually need to do whatever it takes on your part for the change in yourself to happen.

Is my chakra bracelet real?

It’s a fair question – there’s a lot of cheap, fake stuff around. Though a glass bracelet may still look pretty, it won’t have the beneficial qualities of natural gemstones and crystals. Aside from being able to feel the vibrational, healing energy (don’t worry, not everyone has that sensitivity!) from the stones, there are a few signs to look out for:

  • Check for dye – fake stones may leave traces of dye on the cord and inside the hole.
  • Check for imperfections – glass beads will be perfectly round and smooth.
  • Check the hole in the stone – drilled glass will be powdery around the rim, while stones may have small chips.
  • Familiarize yourself with how real crystals look – having an idea of how they are supposed to look will go a long way to helping you spot a fake.
  • Check for uniformity – nature loves variety! Glass beads will probably be identical. Natural gems and crystals will have slight ‘imperfections’ and character.
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If you’re interested in getting a bracelet, I would recommend this one on amazon here.

How do I ‘activate’ my chakra bracelet?

There are a number of ways to ‘charge’ your crystals and gems, enhancing their natural energies. Some people ‘anoint’ them with essential oils – just be sure to use one that won’t harm your skin (use a carrier oil if necessary). Tea Tree or Lavender works really well, for example.

A small amount dabbed on the stones should be absorbed quite quickly. You can also leave them in sunlight for a short while, on a clean, soft surface. If it is a scorching hot day then place the bracelet in the shade while the sun is at its strongest.

Some people advise against using sunlight, but this should be fine if only for a short time.

What about cleansing?

This is closely linked with the activation, as it recharges the stones and allows them to work properly. As you wear them out and about, they pick up negative energy from everywhere, as well as from you, so they need clearing. Some people use water or salt.

But these can damage certain crystals if overused (as well as corroding the cord). Here are a few tips for cleansing that can also charge your bracelet:

  • Full moon/New moon – either will be effective, but the full moon is best for clearing and the new moon for charging.
  • Smudging – white sage or natural incense works well.
  • Singing Bowls – one of the best ways of cleansing and charging!

What matters the most, though, is your intention. You could recite some words to state what you are doing and why.

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Remember, cleansing is different from cleaning! If the gems become dirty, give them a wipe with a soft cloth, but never use detergents!

Can You wear your chakra bracelet to bed?

This really depends on the gems and crystals used as some can cause disruption to your sleep patterns – even if you leave it under your pillow. However, a single-color bracelet may even be beneficial, such as rose quartz or moonstone.

Can I wear more than one at a time?

You could wear a dozen – but don’t expect the energy to be multiplied a dozen times over, it doesn’t work like that! It’s best to wear one, or possibly two, and let the subtle energies work with your body.

Where should I wear my chakra bracelet?

Whats is chakra bracelet

Chakra bracelets are ideally worn on either the left or right wrist – each one works in different ways:

  • Left side – connected with the feminine, sensitive side, and deals with changes within your ‘internal self’. Wear it on this side to allow healing energy to flow through the entire body. Certain stones/crystals can help you to manage stresses that come from outside of your environment.
  • Right side – the masculine, ‘action’ side. The energies will help you in your actions in the outside world, boosting your productivity. Wearing it here will help to align the chakras and release the toxins from your body.
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