The 5 best crystals for protection and healing

Choosing crystals for protection and healing is a natural step to take when looking at crystals to add to your bracelet collection or place within the home. Placing crystals within the home will help protect and heal your family, as well as yourself.

crystals for protection and healing

The best crystals for protection and healing

The 5 best crystals for protection and healing 1


Amber is a fantastic crystal for both protection and healing. It is known for having electrical properties, meaning it can improve the nervous system and stimulate the brain.

Amber also has protective qualities. Amber necklaces protect against negative magics, and Amber bracelets are used to safeguard children.

Amber is rather stimulating and can create overactivity. In some cases, this can be incredibly useful as it aids with detoxification and alleviates depression, but be wary of which crystals you pair with Amber, such as Quartz, as this is a quality you may not want to amplify.

The 5 best crystals for protection and healing 2

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is a universal healing crystal. You can add it to spring water to create a healing tonic placed on various body parts to stimulate healing and restore balanced energy within the body.

For protection, Quartz can be worn, carried, or placed within the home. Additionally, you can pair it with other healing and protection crystals due to its amplifying abilities.

The 5 best crystals for protection and healing 3


Garnet is a protective stone worn for protective purposes. It helps to strengthen the aura and repel negative energies. Additionally, it works to energize the body and speed up processes. Much like Quartz, Garnet can be used to enhance the abilities of other stones placed nearby, helping to get things underway and amplify their effects.

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Garnet also has healing properties and can be worn to guard one’s health. Additionally, as a healing crystal, Garnet provides relief to skin conditions and inflammations and regulates the heart and blood.

The 5 best crystals for protection and healing 4


Jasper is a dependable and gently grounding crystal. This crystal helps repair and enhance the body and comes in different colors that offer other qualities.

Green Jasper is a receptive stone that often promotes health and wellbeing, warding off ill-health. Placing Green Jasper around a green candle can help boost the body’s natural healing abilities.

Red Jasper is a projective crystal, protective. Red Jasper sends negativity back to its origin and can also be carried or used for healing spells.

The 5 best crystals for protection and healing 5

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is an incredibly soothing crystal with healing and protective properties. The slightest contact with this crystal can soothe physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Lapis Lazuli can be used in many healing rituals. Additionally, with its uplifting nature, it can help relieve depression.

Lapis Lazuli has protective attributes and is another crystal that is great for children to wear. Necklaces made from crystal help ensure good health, growth, and protection and drive away frights for children. Lapis Lazuli is one of the best stones for healing and protection.

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How do you charge crystals for protection and healing?

Each of the crystals for protection and healing can be charged and activated in a variety of ways. The best way to charge your crystal is to have it close and spend time with it. Holding it in your palm and visualizing your intention is a great way to charge and activate its properties.

Additionally, using sunlight or moonlight can also charge the crystals while naturally cleansing them of impurities. The full moon is a particularly excellent energy source for this, and placing crystals in direct sunlight is also a perfect way to charge them. Exposing your crystals for about 24 hours will provide the optimal energy.

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It is important to regularly charge your crystals to ensure the energy within them remains positive and pure. Indeed, when negative energy is used, the crystal’s desired effect will not transpire, and there may also be negative connotations. For example, Garnet could instead become draining and cause pain instead of providing protective and healing relief.

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The 5 best crystals for protection and healing 6

How to cleanse crystals for protection and healing

There are a variety of methods to use for cleansing crystals for protection and healing. As mentioned above, charging the crystals is recommended before use, especially with the properties you often find within crystals for protection and healing. Before charging the crystal with new energy, it is essential to cleanse it of negative energies it may have soaked up.

You can often combine these two steps; for example, sunlight will naturally charge the crystal once it has been cleansed of negative energy.

Natural Light:

As mentioned above, placing the crystal under natural sunlight or moonlight will allow nature to do the work for you. The sun will naturally burn away negative energy and allow it to become charged with positive energy. Leaving the crystals for 24 hours in natural light, or longer if required, will enable them to both cleanse and charge effectively.

Mother Earth:

Bury your crystals in the Earth is a great way to cleanse your crystals. Allow the grounding energy of the Earth to soak up negative energy and naturally cleanse it. Additionally, this method can also charge your crystals and reset their energy. Crystals can be buried in the garden or even in a pot with soil.

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Using natural water is a great way to cleanse your crystals naturally. The water will wash away negative energies. There are a few different methods you can use with water.

Running water within streams or rivers is a great way to wash away negativity, but this method can be complex as you will need to remain close to the crystals unless you have this source on your property.

Saltwater is an excellent method for water that is easier. Using ocean water or adding sea salt to a spring water glass allows the salt to naturally cleans the crystal. Be wary not to soak crystals or stones that are soft or contain trace materials.

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Having the above crystals for protection and healing on your person or within your home is a great way to bring positivity and light to your life. These crystals will help you feel safe physically, mentally, and spiritually while also promoting good health and wellness. Additionally, they are crystals that can be used for healing rituals, paired together, and used to help safeguard and promote good health for children.

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