The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius

Between November 23rd and December 22nd, the Sun is in Sagittarius. The energy of Sagittarius affects not just those with it as their star sign, but others as well. Sagittarius has fiery and adventurous energy. Those born within this period have various strengths and weaknesses. The best crystals for Sagittarius work with the strengths and help with the weaknesses.

Those born within this season tend to be adventurous and intelligent individuals, with a naturally curious and humorous temperament. They have a keen enthusiasm and a desire for freedom, and, much like the symbolism of the archer, they aim directly for their goals with a keen eye.

With each strength comes weaknesses, and Sagittarius is no different. Their adventurous personality comes with a lack of patience and tact. While a single focus can be a good thing, it can often lead to unreliability with other life commitments. When aimless, Sagittarius is often prone to feeling depressed.

Outlined below are the best crystals for Sagittarius, and how to activate and cleanse them for use.

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What are the best crystals for Sagittarius?

The crystals below work well with Sagittarius’s personality and energies during this time. Included are birthstones and crystals that may come in handy for those born in Sagittarius. They work well with the strengths of this sign and help tame the weaknesses.

When choosing crystals for Sagittarius, think of the crystal’s vibes and whether they will compliment you as an individual or not. Certain traits do not want enhancement, after all, while others may require grounding or balancing. Pick the crystal that feels right to you and works with you as a person.

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The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 1The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 2

Topaz is one of Sagittarius’ main birthstones. Dependent on the color of Topaz depends on the Chakra association and properties. Gold, blue and clear Topaz are the colors associated with Sagittarius.

Topaz is an excellent crystal for Sagittarius as it cleanses negativity from emotions and brings stability and balance within the self. This organization within the mind and energy helps boost the confidence, working well with Sagittarius’ goal-orientated nature and adventurous side. The easiest way to wear it is by a bracelet or pendant


The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 3The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 4

Another one of Sagittarius’ birthstones, Citrine, makes the perfect accompaniment to the adventurous energy of Sagittarius.

Citrine brings confidence, clarity of purpose, and the energy to succeed. The ability to manifest goals into reality makes it one of the best crystals for Sagittarius. Additionally, Citrine is gently grounding and encourages thought before action, making it perfect for the goal-orientated and adventurous energies of Sagittarius.

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The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 5The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 6

Garnet is an energetic and accelerative crystal, perfect for getting things moving when they become sluggish. Garnet is an excellent crystal to help Sagittarius through aimless moments or drive the momentum and motivation toward achieving a goal.


The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 7The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 8

Turquoise works alongside the Throat and Heart Chakras. For Sagittarius, it can help bring calm to their restless energy, and with its link to the Throat Chakra, it can help in communicative matters.

Turquoise is a great partner for Sagittarius as it protects from harm, making it the perfect stone to carry with you when traveling.

Lapis Lazuli

The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 9The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 10

Lapis Lazuli, linked to the Throat and Brow Chakras, helps promote honesty within the communication. This trait is beneficial for Sagittarius, who tends to lack tact when communicating. Additionally, Lapis Lazuli helps to encourage balance.

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Tigers Eye

The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 11The 6 best crystals for Sagittarius 12

Tigers Eye is a gentle, grounding crystal that helps balance a flow of energy between the three lower Chakras. This balance encourages confidence, practicality, and a sense of self, providing the ability to feel at home in the world. Tigers Eye is a motivational crystal that works perfectly with Sagittarius’ energy as it brings a practical ability to achieve success.

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How to activate crystals for Sagittarius

To activate your crystals for Sagittarius, you will first need to cleanse the crystal of all negative energies. Once the crystal is cleansed, you can begin the attunement and activation process.

Once cleansed, please take a moment to be with the crystal and connect to its energy. Exchanging energy with the crystal helps to create a deeper connection between you.

After attuning to the crystal, it is essential to set an intention for the stone. This action provides the crystal with its purpose and ensures it works toward the goal you have in mind.

There are many different ways to set an intention. One way is through meditation which helps deepen the connection and embed the purpose quite clearly.

Meditate while holding the crystal. Focus on the purpose you wish to bestow the crystal with, visualize the thoughts moving into the crystal, or speak the words aloud, whichever method feels comfy to you. Spend five-ten minutes doing this, and you will set your intention.

Once the attunement and intention stages are complete, you can decide on placement. They can be worn as jewelry, best if you require their energies all day due to skin contact. Crystals can also be carried, placed within the home, or added to ritual activities such as baths, candle work, meditation, or divination.

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How to cleanse crystals for Sagittarius


Sunlight is a simple cleansing method that uses the divine energies of both the Sun and the Moon. Place the crystal in the sunlight and allow the Sun to burn away all negativities from the crystal.

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Leave the crystals overnight, and the Moon will take over, cleansing the crystal with divine energy. Once purified, the crystal will then begin to charge.


Before placing the crystal in the water, check its properties first to ensure it is safe.

Water is a fantastic way to use nature to cleanse the crystal, especially if you have naturally running water close; if not, you can use a saltwater bowl to soak away negative energies from the crystal.


Earth’s use requires burying the crystal within the soil and leaving it for a few days to cleanse. You can do this in the garden or within a pot of dirt in the home. This method is great for charging them after the cleansing process, as the crystals will soak up Mother Earths’ pure energy.

Other methods include the use of sage, visualization, and the use of rice.

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Whether born within Sagittarius or looking for extra help through its time, these crystals will help to see you through. They will help guide you through the season, work with Sagittarius’ strengths, and aid with its weaknesses.

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