John Phillips

John Phillips

What is Narayan reiki? And why you should care!

What is narayan reiki

Narayan Reiki is a modified version of traditional Reiki. It includes symbols, affirmations, and chanting known as Ram Ram which makes it easy to practice healing oneself or others, while also achieving miraculous results. *There are some simple steps to…

What is Equine Reiki? All Questions Answered

What is equine reiki? Equine Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that originated in Japan. Practitioners of equine reiki use their hands to transmit energy into the horses, restoring balance and harmony within their energy fields. This technique can be…

7 Best Crystals For Anxiety (Helpful guide)

Crystals For Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have become an accepted part of modern life. Billions of dollars are poured into therapies and treatments to combat their effects, as people succumb to sickness and disease brought on by stress and severe anxiety. Increasing numbers…