7 Best Crystals for Aquarius – And how to activate them

The best crystals for Aquarius are:

  • Aquamarine,
  • Smokey quartz,
  • Hessonite Garnet,
  • Clear Quartz,
  • Fluorite,
  • Moldavite,
  • Labradorite

Aquarius, born between January 20th and February 19, is the sign of the water bearer, and these people are usually creative, innovative thinkers that enjoy helping others. They also have a deep sense of justice and want to make their world a better place. Aquarians like to be surrounded by friends and family, but they need plenty of space for themselves too. These crystals can help with all of these traits!

What are the best crystals for Aquarius?

The crystals below will work well for Aquarius during this time. The following section includes a list of astrological birthstones and crystals which may be useful for those born under the Aquarius sign. They are a great match for those born under Aquarius, as they complement the strengths of this sign while taming their weaknesses.

When selecting crystals for an Aquarius, take into consideration the vibe they usually have and whether they will work to your advantage. There are some traits that don’t want enhancement after all, while other crystals may be the perfect remedy for grounding or bringing balance. Regardless of the symbol, it is important to pick a crystal that you feel drawn to on an emotional level.

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Aquamarine is an excellent crystal for Aquarius because it’s a stone of compassion and empathy. This can help in conversations with friends, giving them the space they need while still being there to listen when needed. It also helps bring peace within a person so that they may better understand themselves.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz can help Aquarius find peace and clear their mind. It removes negative thoughts, while at the same time it brings about a sense of inner strength that helps them overcome obstacles with ease. Aligned to both earth and water elements, smoky quartz is an excellent crystal for this sign because it also works well for those born under the element of air.

Hessonite Garnet

Garnets are a type of crystal that Aquarians can easily use to balance their emotions, and they can be beneficial in keeping them grounded as well. They’re also an excellent option when it comes to moderation or restraint – two traits that work well for this sign. Hessonite is particularly good at balancing the head and heart, while still stimulating creativity without taking over a person’s emotions.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is another excellent crystal for Aquarius because it helps one to be more in tune with the world and see things from a different perspective. This can help an Aquarian cope when they are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges or have their feelings hurt, which often happens due to how sensitive these people are. It also balances emotions, which is a must for Aquarius.


Fluorite brings peace and serenity to those that carry it around with them, making this an excellent crystal for people who have trouble finding balance in their life due to stress or anxiety. It also helps you realize your true self by recognizing what’s important when faced with tough decisions.


Moldavite is perfect for Aquarius because it opens and clears the mind, stimulates creativity, and brings a sense of wholeness.


Labradorite is an excellent stone for people born under the sign of Aquarius because it aids in self-expression by illuminating their thoughts as well as intuition. It’s also a powerful shield against manipulation from others.

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How to activate crystals for Aquarius

if you would like to use your crystals, you need to activate them. The first step is to cleanse them. When done you can begin to activate them.

-To activate crystals, you need water and salt. You can add a piece of quartz or clear crystal to it for even more activation power, but this isn’t necessary. Pour the mixture into your hand (or another container) until the crystals are completely submerged in the liquid.

Hold outstretched hands over the crystals and imagine a bright white light coming down from above, filling you with peace and love while the crystals absorb this energy.

Setting an intention for the stone is essential and should not be taken lightly. This action should be taken to infuse the crystal with its purpose and therefore make it work toward achieving your goal.

Think about what type of energy you are hoping to amplify with the crystal, Visualize the thoughts moving into the crystal, or speak aloud, whichever feels more comfortable to you. Spend five-ten minutes doing this and set your intention.

Once you have attuned the crystal to your desired intention and performed the appropriate intent ceremony, it is time to decide how you would like to place it in your environment.

When worn as jewelry, they can provide you with the benefits of their energies all day long. Crystals can be carried, placed in the home, or used for rituals like baths, meditation candles, etc.

The crystals are now activated and ready to use!

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How to cleanse crystals

Best Crystals for Aquarius
burning sage

-A cleanse can be done easily with water. You simply need to submerge the crystals in a bowl of purified or distilled water for at least 12 hours and then rinse them off afterward, letting them air dry overnight before putting them away.

-Another cleanse is using salt. The process is essentially the same as above but instead, you cleanse the crystals with sea salt, then clean them off and let them air dry before putting them away.

A third way is cleansing your crystals by smudging or burning sage leaves for you to cleanse in a similar fashion as if they were being used for another purpose.

-Finally, there are also crystal healing baths that can be done, which is the same process as cleanse but you put them in a bath with your intention.

When to cleanse your crystals?

-When you purchased your crystals. When you first obtain your crystals, it is important to cleanse them of any thoughts or emotions that might have been absorbed.

-When you feel like they are losing their energy or not working as well.

-Whenever your crystal is feeling cloudy and needs some restoring power.

-As needed when the vibration of crystals feels off to you in any way, shape, or form; it just means that it’s time for another cleanse!

-going to some form of hardship and need and could use as much positivity

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There are many crystals for Aquarius, but a few of the best include labradorite, amethyst quartz, and cleanse. These three stones will help you to cleanse your thoughts and express yourself better.

If you would like to activate them, there are four main ways one could do this: with water or salt as well as smudging or burning sage leaves in addition to crystal healing baths.

Don’t forget when they’re first obtained by cleansing them of any unwanted energy before using them again.

Crystals can also be activated through intention ceremony where an individual sets their desired intention while holding outstretched hands over the stones immersed in water and salt–or whichever mixture they prefer–and then finally activating it once intentions have been set following

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