Learn how Reiki Can Help with Grief.

Everyone encounters periods of grief and severe disappointments in life.

But unless we have developed a healthy way of approaching these feelings, we tend to hide from them.

The truth is we are afraid of the dark thoughts that haunt us during these moments of vulnerability.

This can, unfortunately, lead to some serious complications in the body and mind.

Grief specifically can be a troublesome foe to conquer. It can block us from clearly seeing reality and seizing opportunities.

Instead, this negative emotion seizes our body, afflicting our organs and damaging our physical and mental health.

What is Grief?

In general, we react when we experience any loss.

This can be as trivial as spilling coffee on the kitchen table, or as harsh as losing a loved one in an accident.

That reaction has a physical, emotional, and energetic influence on our bodies.

We feel it as a yank at our diaphragm, a tight knot in our stomach, or a lack of energy during the day, and the reaction varies in force depending on the pain we encountered.

Grief, an intense reaction, is hard to let pass because it’s different from depression.

Whereas a depressed person is almost completely muted to most emotions, those who are grieving can still access their emotional highs.

It’s hard to manage especially because of how easy it is to suppress other emotions and distracting behaviors.

Part of the problem is that many people are not taught how to deal with these feelings.

Parents may encourage their children to hide them because sadness is “negative,” or to shield them from grim reality, or any other reason.

Movies and television programs depict characters that mask their pain through a number of amusements.

But repressing such an intense emotion has been proven to cause various maladies to the human body.

How Reiki Can Help With Grief

The connection between emotion and energy is undeniable. Therefore it makes sense that we can turn to an energetic solution to help resolve the issue. 

Reiki reduces stress and promotes relaxation. It works on mildly stabilizing the energy flow throughout the body to negate solidification in the energetic channels.

This, in turn, decreases sensations of pain and muscle tension, improves sleep, and assists in repairing the immune system.

Most importantly it improves mood and reduces anxiety, depression, and negative personality traits.

Reiki is clinically proven to be effective for chronically ill patients. A study in 1998 by Lind J. Dressen and Sangeeta Singh showed how effective it is in practice.

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Out of four groups, the one exposed to ten biweekly reiki sessions outperformed all the other groups in improvements in personality, temperament, and feelings of providence.

The results of the study showed that reiki patients had more self-esteem and a realistic sense of control over their lives.

They felt empowered and more optimistic.

In fact, the results far surpassed those from progressive muscle relaxation, a widely accepted treatment for physical and mental relaxation, and a placebo group, which only involved laying of hands to show there is more than just presentation at work.

Dressen et co. concluded that reiki “is an effective modality for reduction of pain, depression and state anxiety in chronically ill patients.”

A trained professional can help a grieving patient realize the joy in life again.

The process works gently with the energetic component of the human body to support healing at a very direct level.

Those suffering from chronic misery can find relief by circulating their pent-up energy and bringing their inner dynamo back to life.

What is the Reiki symbol for grief?

Reiki is spiritual energy, and the symbol that is used for grief is called Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen which means “having no present, past or future“.

It releases sadness and grief and opens up communication through the flow of energy in our consciousness.

How Does This Work?

This works by understanding how a person goes through a grieving process. When someone close to you dies or you go through some kind of loss, it is natural to feel that your world has become hollow.

This works by understanding how a person goes through a grieving process. When someone close to you dies or you go through some kind of loss, it is natural to feel that your world has become hollow.

How Does It Do That?

During this time, our awareness shrinks down into a small dark place, and the real world becomes unreachable from there.

This symbol helps to open up a door to yourself and let love in so that it can shine its light on you and guide you out of the darkness.

This is how it works: while meditating with this symbol, your awareness will go through cycles of expansion and contraction.

Each time it shrinks, there will be a space for love to enter. And when it expands again, you become one with the great vast expanse of life.

This symbol is also used to help people who are afraid or angry because someone tried to control them in some way.

If these feelings have taken over your life and caused problems in your relationships, then this symbol can help clear away that blockage and let love in.

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What Does It Do?

This is the spiritual energy of oneness; we are all connected and nothing can really separate us from each other or from life itself.

When you realize how vast the great expanse of life is, you will naturally love everyone and everything.

And then you will be able to see that they are not separate from you; you are all one.

Can an Energy Treatment Help with Grief?

Reiki is a spiritual practice and healing art of channeling energies through touch.

It’s believed that the practitioner and the receiver of reiki both have an energy field that is affected by, and affects other beings and surrounding energies.

This can happen via physical touch, but also over long distances.

Reiki treatment is meant to release, balance, and harmonize the energy of the giver and receiver.

The Reiki healers channel their energies into the recipient of their treatment by using or her hands.

This energy transfer might be too subtle for others to notice, but many people report feeling warmth, tingles, deep relaxation, and peace during and after treatment.

A common technique in reiki is the use of symbols, which is done during a healing session.

These symbols are designed to facilitate the release of tensions and blockages, so they may be effectively healed. Symbols can also raise the vibration, or bring deeper spiritual insights or emotional healing.

There’s even evidence that using reiki symbols can even enhance the effect of a treatment.

Normally, if you receive a symbol from your healer during a session, they’ll guide you to hold it in your hands while meditating or relaxing.

You could also use this symbol on yourself by downloading it from the internet and mentally visualizing its energy moving through you while breathing deeply.

Can grief affect your spirit?

Of course, it does. Everyone has a different way of dealing with grief and sadness. Some people try to hold their tears in, while others express their emotions through writing or music.

Grief is also related to spiritual elements like our energy field (aura) or how we connect to the universe, the seasons, and other spiritual symbols.

When you are dealing with grief, it is very common to feel disconnected.

Like being in a daze or walking around as if you are sleepwalking, the connections have been cut off without your knowledge.

This happens because the energy fields (auras) which protect us and give us our sense of connection (spiritual beings, guides, signs from higher beings) have been cut off.

Imagine a protective bubble around you, and when you feel grief that energy field (aura) has been detached from your body because it couldn’t withstand the pain.

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However, like everything in life there is a solution for this painful experience:

The reiki symbol for grief can help you to reconnect with yourself and your spiritual connections.

Can you do distance reiki for grief?

Absolutely! In fact, grief is one of the highest callings for distance reiki.

Grief is a powerful emotion that can take many forms – anger, sadness, numbness, etc.

It often comes with a lot of unexpected emotions and thoughts that may lead to overwhelming feelings of hopelessness or despair.

Distance reiki healing for grief is a wonderful way to help you cope with such feelings. You do not need the death of a loved one close to you for this

– it can be about letting go of someone who has been in your life, or anything related.

The reiki grief symbol is designed to help release and let go of all those unwanted feelings and thoughts, as well as to help soothe the pain associated with it.

Can reiki heal trauma?

Yes, Reiki can also help with grief. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen spiritual energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

If you are suffering from grief in any form, you can benefit from the healing powers of reiki. Reiki is an effective way to calm your mind and allow yourself permission to grieve in a constructive and positive manner.

Therapy with reiki can help us release grief in a safe, supportive environment; if we do not give ourselves permission to feel and process our emotions they will continue to trouble us.

Final words

Although grief can be incredibly difficult, it’s important to remember that there are ways to help cope with the pain.

Reiki is one of those methods, and distance reiki can be especially beneficial for those who are struggling with grief.

If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, take some time to try out reiki – you may be surprised at how much it helps.

And if you know someone who is grieving, please share this article with them; letting them know that they are not alone in their journey can make all the difference.

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