What Is The Zonar Reiki Symbol? Explained

Whether we realize it or not, symbols play a huge part in our everyday lives.

Road signs, icons on our smartphones, warnings on grocery packaging, even wash care labels on clothes – they all have a way of sparking connections, images, and ideas within our minds, bringing our attention to specific avenues of thought and directing our actions.

Each symbol we encounter has a certain amount of power, but only as much as we allow.

Their power and meaning lie in our understanding of that symbol, as well as our reaction to it. Reiki symbols are no different; they can be extremely potent, but it all depends on the belief, thoughts, and actions that they evoke.

The Zonar Reiki symbol is learned in the 1st level of Karuna Reiki, though it is also used in other forms of Reiki.

Let’s take a moment to study this symbol and find out where its power lies and what it can be used for.

What does it look like?

The Zonar symbol resembles the letter Z, with three concentric infinity symbols transecting it halfway down.

reiki zonar symbol

It is visually appealing in itself, with a mystical air about it. This enigmatic symbol is usually drawn starting from the top lefthand side to form the Z using three strokes.

The infinity symbols are added next, using one smooth, flowing movement that ends at the midsection of the Z.

Now we know what it looks like, we can dive deeper into finding out its uses and benefits.

What can it be used for?

The energy released by meditating on the Zonar Reiki symbol and by using it during Reiki sessions can be a powerful aid to helping with the following issues:

  • Past Life trauma
  • Karmic Healing
  • Relationship healing
  • Addictions
  • Emotional healing
  • Protection from negative energies
  • Healing from issues connected with abuse
  • Deep cellular healing
  • DNA healing
  • Phobias
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Many of these issues are linked, but each can be dealt with separately if needed. The Zonar symbol has proved effective in bringing relief and release in all these areas and more besides.

So how does it work?

Each of us carries deep within us the hurts and traumas connected with our recent past, as well as our past lives.

As hard as the concept of ‘past lives’ might be for some people to accept, consider this; we are essentially recycled. 

Energy can’t be either created or destroyed. And all matter is energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

Therefore, our cells and even our DNA can carry within them the ‘negative’ vibrations of events of the past, which sometimes spill over into our lives today, often on a subconscious level.

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When added to trauma, sickness, emotional problems, and stresses we face today, they can increase our pain, distress, and discomfort.

Most people are rarely aware of these issues from their past, or even from their present, and the Zonar Reiki symbol is useful in bringing these into focus.

Vague memories can be sharpened to bring clarity, enabling us to then deal with them accordingly.

This is one reason why Zonar is so helpful in cases of historic child abuse. Tragically, those who have suffered such abuse often harbor a deep sense of shame and a lack of self-worth, born of a need to repress the events.

They may feel that they share the blame somehow, without realizing it.

They nurse these feelings into adulthood and if not they’re not addressed they can contribute to a cycle of negativity and worthlessness and can have a serious impact on relationships.

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The Zonar symbol offers emotional release on such a deep level that it helps to bring self-acceptance and allow the healing process to begin.

With regard to addictions, the Zonar Reiki symbol is effective in breaking negative cycles of behaviour.

Addictions rely on repeated patterns of behavior that the human brain learns over time. Using Zonar, these patterns can be interrupted, allowing new, positive patterns to replace them.

Likewise with phobias, which are basically ‘learned responses’. We can begin to change the way we react to certain objects, situations, and thoughts by using the Zonar symbol to break the negative associations, which are usually based on fear.

To use the symbol, simply draw it, either on paper, in the air with a finger, or over the solar plexus or heart area (always seek permission before doing this with a patient).

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What else do we know about the Zonar Reiki Symbol?

Although a powerful symbol in its own right, Zonar is often combined with other symbols to invoke an even more potent response.

It is valued and respected by many practitioners for its ability to heal on a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The Zonar reiki symbol is often used at the start of a session as it brings a tremendous sense of peace, acting as a kind of spiritual anesthetic to soften the impact of released trauma or repressed memory.

Having said this, patients have been known to be reduced to tears or even to cry out as their ‘inner child’ begins to go through the process of confronting past hurts.

This isn’t something to be avoided, however, as it is all part of the healing journey. Because dealing with such problems can be such a sensitive and painful task, some practitioners will ask for help from the Archangel Gabriel, who has strong connections with this symbol.

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He is known for being a bringer of good news, for healing and relief. Calling upon Gabriel will greatly enhance the power of the Zonar reiki symbol.

When your own energetic field feels fractured, weak, or influenced by negativity, Zonar can help to cleanse and regenerate it.

Being a part of the Karuna Reiki method, it resonates at a higher frequency than some other symbols, bringing greater clarity more quickly.

This high vibration allows inter-dimensional access which is great for distance healing, especially when combined with the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen symbol.

Finally, Zonar is first and foremost a bringer of unity.

It aims to unite the body, soul, and spirit, to support and strengthen us through our spiritual journey.

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