What is Equine Reiki? All Questions Answered

What is equine reiki? Equine Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that originated in Japan. Practitioners of equine reiki use their hands to transmit energy into the horses, restoring balance and harmony within their energy fields. This technique can be used on humans as well and has been shown to relieve stress, tension headaches, insomnia, and more.

How it works

It works by using your hands to transmit energy to the horse. The idea is that a practitioner of Equine Reiki helps bring about healing by sending his or her own life force energy through their hands in order to heal horses.

There are many techniques for administering this type of therapy; one such technique is called “touch down”. In touch-down work there is no specific point touching the animal’s body – rather they use an open hand while transferring the intention/energy at what feels like just

Who should use it 

Well, if you own a horse, or work closely with horses you should try it. It is relaxing for the horse and can help resolve many issues such as anxiety, fear, physical pain, Equine Reiki practitioners say that it has a positive effect on horses by stimulating their own natural healing mechanisms in order to create balance within them

We recommend trying equine reiki if your horse needs:

-relaxation after stressful events like competitions or transport;

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-to heal wounds of any kind;

-help with chronic conditions like arthritis and colic. I’m told that using this type of therapy promotes relaxation without narcotic drugs while boosting immune system function.”

What it does not do?  well if your horse is in serious trouble it won’t replace a vet or a needed surgery!

Benefits of using equine reiki

one of the benefits of using equine reiki is that it does not involve using drugs.

another benefit of this type of therapy is that horse owners have a better understanding and control over their horses’ healing process as they work with the therapist to evaluate how the animal reacts to treatments which can be helpful when deciding what course (or courses) might help.

other benefits are, deep relaxation, improve overall health, and stress relief,

Side effects and contraindications 

There are no side effects.

What is Equine Reiki? All Questions Answered 1

the only contraindication is that it’s not advisable to use this type of therapy on horses who have a wound or injury as the animal may become spooked by the energy and move while being treated which can make healing more difficult.

So you don’t have to worry about any side effects and the only contraindication is that it’s not advisable to use this type of therapy on horses who have a wound or injury as the animal may become spooked by the energy and move while being treated which can make healing more difficult.

Although there isn’t much research available yet for how horse owners might benefit from it, one thing we do know is that they typically feel an increase in their connection with their animals during treatment sessions due to what’s called “animal biofeedback.” Horse owners also often report feeling calmer when working

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Tips for getting started with equine reiki

The best tips I can give you are to be patient and to have realistic expectations.

When it comes to working with horses, you should keep in mind that they’re prey animals—and as such are more sensitive than predators when it comes to energy work.

They’ll need a little time before trusting any new person who approaches them, so don’t take their reaction personally or get frustrated if they won’t let you near them right away.

One good way of establishing trust is by providing gentle (but not too gentle) massage on the horse’s back while standing behind him/her which will help create an atmosphere of comfort without making the animal feel pressured.”

Final thoughts

Equine reiki can help your horse, but it does not replace a vet. In some cases, equine reiki may be just what you need to restore peace and balance in the lives of horses that are feeling out of sorts or experiencing physical pain due to injury or disease. We hope this post has given you a better understanding of how equine reiki works so that when the time comes for you to make an appointment with your veterinarian, you know where to start looking for relief from discomfort.

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