What is reiki Tummo? and how is it different from traditional Reiki

Reiki is an alternative natural remedy where specialized naturopaths use healing therapy to reduce pain and heal their emotions and body. It is a therapy that is becoming quite popular and is known by the average person as Reiki or as energy healing.

Reiki Tummo is a self-healing process. It is practiced individually without other types of additional practitioner Reiki or energy healing work.

What is Reiki?

The Japanese word Reiki means mysterious or miraculous. It comes from “Rei,” which means universal, and “ki,” which means life energy.
In all Reiki forms, the purpose is to heal the energy fields around the body. Healers say that energy can falter in some areas of the body, especially where there has been an emotional or physical injury in the past.

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Reiki improves the flow of energy and removes pain much the acupuncture does. It improves the flow of energy in the body, allowing you to relax. It lessens the pain and speeds up the healing process of recovery.

What Happens in A Reiki Session?

Reiki is usually performed in a peaceful setting but can take place anywhere. The practitioner sits you in a comfortable chair or asks you to lie on a table. Don’t worry. It is a practice that takes place while you are fully clothed.

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The practitioner places his or her hands over specific areas of your head, arms, legs, heart, and torso for a period of 2 to 5 minutes. He continues to lay hands on you for about 20 different places. For people injured by a burn, the practitioner places his hands just above the air of the injured area.

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When the practitioner places his hands over affected areas, he transfers energy from his hands into the affected area and this produces a warm and tingling feeling. The practitioner holds the position until the energy stops flowing.

Despite the different Reiki types, the consensus here is that it is an energy healing art over which there is a lot of controversy. Many health experts argue that there is no way to prove its effectiveness, yet, people who undergo Reiki say it works, and its popularity continues to increase.

What Is the Difference between Reiki and Tummo Reiki

As with all natural healing methods, there are many forms of Reiki. Tummo Reiki is just one form of Reiki with many levels. What differentiates it from other forms of Reiki is that Tummo is a self-healing process. It is practiced individually without other types of additional practitioner Reiki or energy healing work.

Tummo activates the flow of energy and the self-healing process primarily through the heart chakra. It requires specific meditations and processes, and learned practitioners are discouraged from using alternative healing processes.

Reiki Tummo Is a Combination of Practices

Unlike regular Reiki, Tummo comes from the Japanese Reiki and the Tibetan Tummo, which means inner fire. Tummo works with the Kundalini energy, hidden energy that every person has. It is an energy practice that treats the whole person: The body, mind, and soul. It relaxes and safely heals and promotes spiritual growth.
Tummo effectively helps all illnesses and offers the benefits of traditional Reiki but centers more on emotions and heart-centered healing.

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How Practitioners Become Tummo Reiki Healers?

This is a form of Reiki, and it is easy to do level I and Level II, but the higher levels of Tummo take longer and require spiritual devotion. It requires a strict following of a specific form, and practitioners learn to surrender their energy and flow. It is a form of spiritual devotion compared to other Reik types.

Where Is Tummo Felt?

Tummo is very heart-centered. You always feel a pulling on the heart chakra. Healing does take place after a session because it releases Kundalini energy and washes the Sushumna or central light column.
Tummo requires consistent practice and adherence for it to work. When practiced frequently, it can be very rewarding and heals the body and spirit.

After a Tummo Reiki session, you feel:
Lighter, open, and free
Your sleep improves
Your nervous system suddenly calms.
Your Stress decreases
Your pain decreases
Energy Increases
Your ability to relax increases
Improves your immune system
You feel more grounded

Thousands of people feel the healing when practicing Tummo. It is a practice that synergizes the divine energy and flows from the top-down and the bottom-up. It cleanses negative emotions and blockages giving you calmness and happiness that allows you to experience spiritual growth.

Tummo Helps You Channel Energy Better

Reiki Tummo

Tummo helps you channel energy for your own healing as well as that of others, however, its real benefit is to the spiritual heart, that which connects to the creator and the source of who we are. The primary purpose is to improve your spirit and grow in all your needs. It is not about achieving simple healing but growing in your spirit and ability to be a better person. It is in the transforming of your life into something much bigger.

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Tummo Reiki

Enhances mind clarity
Improves self-knowledge
Increases sleep quality
Gives you a great mood
Helps emotional wellbeing
Improves health
Increases physical energy
Cleanses the chakras and energies
Connects with the heart
Brings blessings from the true source

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